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The Group has been involved in charitable activities for almost five decades through the Kuok Foundation, established in 1970 in Malaysia, as well as the Joyce M. Kuok Foundation and Zheng Ge Ru Foundation in Hong Kong. These foundations provide grants and donations for educational and medical causes. The Kerry Group Kuok Foundation was created in 2007 to alleviate poverty across China.



Kerry Group Kuok Foundation (Hong Kong) Limited was established in 2007 to address the uneven distribution of opportunities in Mainland China and Hong Kong with a people-oriented approach. Our Foundation is committed to providing resources and development opportunities to the underprivileged. We aim to create the sustainable impact and promote continuous social development. We support programmes in four key service areas: Health, Education, Family and Community Harmony, and Employment and Empowerment. Through partnerships with non-profit organisations, academic institutions, and social enterprises, we provide timely support to our beneficiaries.

Kuok Foundation Berhad was incorporated in 1970 to alleviate poverty, foster self-reliance and empower the disadvantaged through education and training. In all our initiatives, we promote the spirit of caring and sharing. The Foundation primarily provides financial assistance to Malaysian students to further their studies. Our other projects include assisting survivors of natural disasters and funding for welfare facilities and projects undertaken by non-profit organizations.


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Since its earliest days, the Kuok Group has been committed to serving the communities within which its companies operate. We are now proud to count volunteer-led service and advocacy projects as part of our sustainability efforts. We place particular emphasis on long-term collaborations in aid of underprivileged members of society and the environment.


Jigsaw is an employee-led volunteering initiative by the Group’s companies in Hong Kong. Since its launch in 2015, over 500 colleagues from Kerry Holdings, Kerry Properties, Shangri-La Group and Kerry Logistics have joined hands with their family members to support youth, the elderly and the environment. Under the leadership of volunteer champions, Jigsaw organizes over 30 activities every year which range from basketball and life mentorship, regular visits to elders who live alone, to book swaps at the office. By enabling colleagues to be the change they wish to see in the world, we hope to leave Hong Kong a greener and more caring place.

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